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During my tenure as Editor of Chelsea Now, the paper broke several stories, including landlords converting residential buildings to illegal hotels, small fashion entrepreneurs forced out of Garment District by real estate interests, and tenant harassment and displacement at the Hotel Breslin (cited by the New York Times). Meanwhile, our story on efforts to preserve a historic rowhouse and former Underground Railroad stop led to action by local politicians and Community Board 4.

As a journalist and editor who likes to tell stories in multiple formats, I also expanded the paper to include several weekly or bi-weekly columns and packaged stories in myriad ways—including special issues, article series and photo spreads—to lend depth and variety to the paper. Multi-part series included Chelsea’s Bayview women’s prison, the Hotel Chelsea, and recent lawsuits brought against the NYPD and Hudson River Park Trust by protesters at the 2004 Republican National Convention. Finally, I focused on creating high-impact, visually appealing covers to attract readers to our newsboxes.

Below is a sample of those story packages and covers as they ran in Chelsea Now in 2007 and 2008.

COLUMNS On the Street: “New regs push filmmakers and photogs to the curb,” Chelsea Now, Nov. 16–22, 2007
Healthy Now: “Debunking Dieting myths” Chelsea Now, Oct. 19–25, 2007
Open House: “Chelsea Stratus” & “Round-up #3,” Chelsea Now, Oct. 19–25 & Jan. 25–31, 2007
On the Record: “Catching up with one of Chelsea’s pre-eminent journalists,” Chelsea Now, Oct. 5–11, 2007
Gallery Seen: “Armory Show makes a splash in New York City,” Chelsea Now, March 2–8, 2007


PHOTO SPREADS “Turkey at a crossroads: Traditions on the rebound,” Cheslea Now, Dec. 28, 2007–Jan. 3, 2008
“NYC Halloween Parade 2007,” Chelsea Now, Nov. 2–8, 2007
“Rio and Rocinha: Two worlds apart in Brazil,” Chelsea Now, Sept. 28–Oct. 4, 2007
“Haunting the hotel halls,” Chelsea Now, May 4–10, 2007
“Let the garden grow,“ Chelsea Now, April 13–19, 2007


SPECIAL ISSUES World AIDS Day Issue, Chelsea Now, Dec. 7–13, 2007
Remembering 9/11 Issue, Chelsea Now, Sept. 14–20, 2007
Back-to-School Issue, Chelsea Now, Sept. 7–13, 2007
Gay Pride Issue, Chelsea Now, June 22.–28, 2007


SERIES Republican National Convention:
“RNC suits vs. Hudson River Park gain steam three years later” (Part 1), Chelsea Now, Sept. 7–13, 2007

Housing & Real Estate:
“Seizing the opportunity on Manhattan’s West Side” (Part 3), Chelsea Now, Aug. 10–16, 2007

Hotel Breslin:
“Hotel Breslin tenants fight back as investors move in” (Part 1), Chelsea Now, Aug. 3–9, 2007

Hotel Chelsea:
“From flophouse to boutique: A recent history of the Hotel Chelsea” (Part 2), Chelsea Now, April 27–May 3, 2007

Bayview Prison:
“Bayview Prison: The road to college and beyond” (Part 2), Chelsea Now, April 20–26, 2007